【Good for golf and sightseeing!】How to enjoy Bangkok 2019

Introducing the basic information not only golf, but enjoying “sleepless Bangkok” for 24 hours. It takes about 6 hours from Japan to Bangkok which is known as one of the famous tourist cities in the world and has 2-hour time difference. We give the latest Thailand golf information for everyone from novice to repeat tourists.

The Lotus Vally Golf Resort blooming Thailand cherry.

■Winter in Japan is a best season in Thailand

The dry season from November to March is the best season for golf in Thailand since it is comfortable to spend by around 20-degree temperature in the morning and evening while daytime play in April and May needs perfect heart stroke prevention due to hot weather. And even in the rainy season there is almost no rain throughout the day from June to October. Playing golf in the early morning is the better way as it is relatively rainy in the afternoon.

・GDO Thailand

The 24-hour realtime online tee-time booking site for golf courses in Thailand

■Rent a van from airport to hotel

As the 10 exits are available in the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, the prior cross-check with driver is recommended for pick-up.

It takes about 30-minutes from the airport to the city of Bangkok by airport rail link. It is better to rent a van with your company if you have golf bag and luggage. The renting fee is around 1,000 baht(3,500 yen) depending on the companies while the another charge would be needed for Japanese assistance or guide.

・Silver Line

・JTB Airport Pickup with guide

■Cherry pick service appartment

There are countless various hotels from five-star to youth hostel in Bangkok. While selecting the popular hotel chain is safe choice, service apartment is recommended for those who wants to wash golf wears right after the round. It equips drum type washing machine, kitchen, refrigerator and microwave, and has a clean up service like hotel.

・Adelphi Suites Bangkok

・Centre Point Thong Lo

■Respect Buddhism

About 90% of the Thai are said to be Buddhists, and there are large Buddha statues and temples everywhere. With flashy Buddha statues in the city and in the shopping centers, many Thai peoples pray religiously. Be careful to avoid clothes such as sleeveless, shorts, and ripped jeans for both men and women when visiting the temple. Also, keep in mind that is pretty disrespectful to touch others’ heads as man’s head is considered to be where sprite lives.

■The heavy traffic is a serious social issue.

Taking more than an hour to go a few hundreds meters…

The world famous severe traffic has no sign to improve. The streets are filled with cars, especially around 8:00 am and 5:00 pm of commuting time, and the severity doubles on Fridays and in rain. While there are various causes, many factors such as too much vehicles for infrastructure, too many one-way and dead ends, and long timing of signal switching have piled up for the factors. There are forceful lane changes to go forward, and bad safety rule, such as a wrong-way driving by motorcycles, and the economic loss and image degradation for Bangkok that the traffic has brought is getting worse year by year.

■Master transportation

Smart transportation by using public transportation is essential for avoiding arriving late as a punctual Japanese.

・BTS(The Sky train)

Even the commuting time Thai people, unlike Japanese, doesn’t force to push others in front of them to get in.

With no timetable, the elevated railways run by every several minutes. The Rabbit card at the ticket office and ticket at ticket machine are available for taking the train.


Transfer from the BTS is available at Silon and Sukhumvit station. The black token comes out from machine as you put coins.


You must pay close attention to ripoff.

Basic fare for taxi is so cheap at 35 baht(122 yen) and casual use is what we’d like to do, however, they often don’t hesitate to deny the customers when traffic to the destination is expected. The receipt is basically not available.

・Bike taxi

It may be convenient for short distance and when you need to hurry. The fare is around 20 baht(70 yen) for one station worth. On the other hand, it’s better not to take when you feel the risk of accident.


Try it if you want thrilling experience.

When you negotiate the fare with the driver, just be careful for being asked an exorbitant fare like 200 baht for short distance. Be careful for the loud blast.


Recommended as the safe, steady and absolute transportation. By downloading the apps and registering your credit card, you can go to your desired destination without cash. And, it is nice for transportation claims as receipt is sent to the registered e-mail address after getting off.


・EM quartier

The department store directly connected from BTS Phrom Phong station. The food court at the underground level is recommended and as there are many variety shops, solo-shopping is useful as well. At the high end super market “Gourmet Market”, you should find the nice souvenirs for your coworkers.

・Don Quijote

There are famous shops for Japanese, such as the Tsuruha Drag and the Golf Partner.

“DONKI MALL THONGLOR” opens between the Thong Lo station and the Ekkamai station. Don Quijote has three DON DON DONKIs in Singapore and they have been popular for their large selections. Their first shop in Bangkok has been the big topic and there is “Donki Traffic” around the shop.

■Choice of Yasuko! The food ranking you definitely want to eat at Bangkok.

We can enjoy food all around the world in Bangkok which is said to be a treasure house of food and we hope you enjoying authentic Thai food by all means. You can find the shops offering authentic cooking beyond the food stall when you walk in the city and you would want to stop by unwillingly, but still you need to be careful for the case having poor hygiene, such as washing the plate with water by sharing the bucket.

  • ・Crab curry
  • Easy-to-eat fried crab the shell taken.

  • ・Fried vegetables with garlic.
  • Try vegetables other than Chinese cabbage.

  • ・Noodle
  • Select the kind of noodle, ingredients, and with or without soup to order.

  • ・Papaya salad
  • Irresistible crunchy of Papaya and peanut flavor

  • ・Green curry
  • As taste is unique depending on shops, it is better to try many variations.

  • ・Satsuma-age(deep-fried ball of fish paste)
  • No 1. snack for beer.

・Rice gruel best for breakfast

Calm taste of rice gruel eases stomach in the morning after drunk.

・Mango for standard desert

The paradise taste of mixture of mango, coconut taste rice, ice cream.

■Restaurant guide by Yasuko

・Baan Khanitha

The long-established house restaurant. The best place to eat the traditional Thai cuisine.

・Baan Somtam

Good cost-performance and fashionable. Enjoyable for more than 30 Som Tams.

・Nai Meng Bami Phu

The shop around the Silom complex is good for Wonton noodle. The green bowl mark, the star for the Michelin Guide in Thailand, is shining.


So happy having highly skilled massage at 200 baht in an hour. Moreover, there are many shops where reservation is unnecessary, and when you feel “I’m tired” you can stop by, so it is no problem getting tired by consective rounds of golf.

・Health Land

・at ease

※1 baht = 3.5 yen

※As of March 27th, 2019

※The prices may change without notice.


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