Fully enjoyed the first visit to Thailand! GDO Special Event “Hikari Fujita Golf Tour in Thailand” report(Lam Lukka Country Club)

“You can golf with Hikari Fujita, the one of the beautiful female golfers in Japan, in Thailand!”

The dreamlike event was held on December 2018 at the Lam Lukka Country Club, where a lot of repeaters play at, located about 90 minutes from the city of Bangkok. The course, the total of 36 holes of the championship course East(A, B) and the resort course West(C, D), has a good reputation for superb course maintenance and the first green. We closely covered Hikari -her sparkling smile is cute- has fully enjoyed the first Thailand golf for her career.

Super lucky 11 players selected from among more than 700 applications.

Only “the Diamond member”, the highest ranked status of the GDO yardage program, could join the event and it was an incredibly luxurious package with playing 9-hole golf and having dinner with her.

This brilliant swing is very close to you!

Her dramatic first tour victory at the Fuji Sankei Ladies Classic in 2015 by chip-in birdie at the 18th hole has been still fresh in our minds.

Great finish. Her back shot is beautiful as well.

We interviewed to her who will mainly play at the Step-up tour this season after she experienced left elbow surgery last January.

Even though she can have her signature draw shot after the surgery, she now has fade shot.

“I struggled last season with poor results, but as I had the surgery, I will work on training and practicing over time without demanding the results.”

What a smile! She has fully enjoyed the Thailand golf for first time.

Hikari visited Thailand first time for her life since she, sponsored by the Leo Palace Resort Guam, usually has training camp at Guam in off season along with playing for the Guam Governor’s Cup Ladies Golf Tournament. We asked her for the golf course in Thailand.

Tifton turf. It looks dry on the surface, but it’s wet inside.

“Honestly speaking, many caddies, small greens, a lot of ponds! I was shocked to lost 4 balls. Those shots were good, but it seemed that they carried far front of the pond got into it by the slope and the firm ground.”

While her swing usually hits down too much, she gradually got used to the turf and hit a lot of great shots.

Also, the greens surprised her.

“I could see the grain of the turf, and the greens are tough with small surface and many undulations. I think it was nice to play 18 holes nicely and have realized the reason there are a lot of pros having training camps in Thailand. It’s good to have practice here.”

While Hikari likes white rice and loves Japanese foods, what does she think of Thai foods?

“I have not had the Thai foods much. The image comes out to me is ‘why did it end up like this?'”

She may not be the type of person who challenge any foods and had fried Udon at the restaurant in clubhouse after the round.

Falling in love with her sharp driver shot that accelerates its head speed.

She realizes herself that while she is seemed like the type of a laid back kind of person, she is actually sensitive. She has started her official Instagram last year, but doesn’t accept any comments.

A lot of sponsors on her bag.

“I used to accept everything what anyone said to me and I had been stressed. But, I don’t mind what anyone is saying in recent days, sort of ‘say it to me directly if you have something to say’. It took 3 or 4 years to reach this mind.”

“A few years ago, I hit 80s in the first round of the tournament so many times and gave up my games as I thought I couldn’t make a cut. But tears welled up in my eyes as seeing the fans coming to the tournament for cheering me.”

“Now, I don’t care the leaderboard, but work hard to my goal.”

Golf has been the part of her life since she was 3 years old, and Hikari told me that she has been doing well for switching between work and private nowadays.

“I have thought of golf as part of my job in good way. Professional golfer is a wonderful job, and have been enjoying so much coming to the golf course now. I hope I could come back to the LPGA tour.”

The shining smile that brightens anyone. It is not that far we can see it in the tournament.

The special thanks event for the GDO Yard Program!

The three nights golf tour in Thailand with Hikari Fujita, the one of the beautiful female golfers in Japan.

The event information>>

Lam Lukka Country Club

29 Moo 7, Lamsai, Lamlukka, Klong 11, Pathumthani 12150




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