Join and get luxury prizes! GDO Thailand Hit-The-Green Challenge

Join and get luxury prizes! GDO Thailand Hit-The-Green Challenge

The familiar “Hit-The-Green Challenge” in Japan has came to golf heaven Thailand!

All participants will get “GDO Thailand Original Tumbler” or three “SRIXON Z-STAR ball with GDO Logo”.

So, book your tee time at GDO Thailand and get the luxury prize!

【Campaign period】
From Friday, November 2nd. 2018


Lotus Valley Golf Resort

One of the few golf courses Gary Player designed. Since the facilities are pleased by Japanese golfers, the majority of visitors are Japanese, and its repeat rate is high. Golfers can enjoy the resort atmosphere as well as its strategic layout.

【About the Hit-The-Green Challenge】
The game that reaching the green in one shot at par 3. As you get a lottery ticket when you make it, you can draw the lottery, and get the prize if you win.

If you miss the green, all of you still win the lovely giveaway♪

【How to join】
1. GDO Thailand Staff will call for the participation at the certain hole of the Hit-The-Green Challenge hosting course

2. Pay the entry fee and get giveaway

3. Get the lottery ticket when you reach the green in one shot

4. Draw the lottery at pro shop after your round, and get the prize as you win.

【Entry fee】
500 THB
※Cash only

Three “SRIXON Z-STAR ball with GDO Logo” or “GDO Thailand Original Tumbler(black or silver)”



【Making Hit-The-Green Award】

<1st place>

The pair ticket for the Manohra Dining Cruises at Anantara


Tie from Jim Thompson

<2nd place>

The pair ticket for the Saffron Thai Cuisine at Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok


Room Diffuser of Karmakamet, Thai royal family warrant

<3rd place>

Pochette from Callaway apparel

<4th place>

The Ice Bag from Callaway apparel, the must-have item in hot Thai.

<5th place>

Socks from Adidas

<6th place>

Jelly Spider from Asahi Golf, the item for hitting long.

<7th place>

Jelly Ring from Asahi Golf, pros are using.

<8th place>

Mesh pouch

※Product images for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary.
※Some prizes may be changed.

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