“Tadaharu’s Fineshot in Thailand” – Devil Mountain – where a train runs right through the course! Gassan Khuntan Golf & Resort

One of Gassan Group’s golf courses, Gassan Khuntan Golf & Resort opened in 2004.

Surrounded by Doi Khun Tan National Park, the landscape is absolutely breathtaking. I mean, just look at it!

See the white bridge in the distance? Can you tell what it’s for?

This is the only golf course in Thailand that is designed such that a train passes through the course. As far as I know, the only other course in the world that has a train running through it is in Scotland.

A-Course, Hole 4 – a course favorite. Beyond the green, you can see where the train would pass.

All 27 holes of the course have their own unique traits, with uphills and downhills that will rival rollercoasters. Island greens are also a feature of this course, making for an entertaining layout that doesn’t grow old.

C-Course, Hole 7 – a course favorite. This is a very steep, uphill Par 3, with a vertical difference of 71 yards between the green and the teeing ground! Although I didn’t get any ringing in my ears, it’s still quite the elevation.

Never seen an uphill like this!

Feeling “elevated” after a birdie at the course-favorite hole.

By the way, the “Khuntan” in the course’s name means “Devil Mountain” in Thai. The name fittingly depicts the treacherous difficulty of this course, making it a great fit for those looking for more challenging rounds of golf.

Short hole island green at A-Course, Hole 5. The green is small.

A-Course, Hole 6 has a fun layout featuring pot bunkers along the fairway.

The resort is located an accessible 40km south of Chiang Mai. Featuring a clubhouse, pool, Thai massage lounges, and fitness facilities, this resort is great for golfers who might be looking for a camp to polish their skills.

• 1 Baht = approx. 3.3 Yen

• August 2018 at time of writing

Gassan Khuntan Golf & Resort
222 Moo3 Thapladuk, Mae Tha, Lamphun 51140 Thailand
Tel: 0819504872


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