【Tadaharu’s FINESHOT in Thailand】 Make the best score at Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed course! Suvarnabhumi Golf & Country Club

If you play golf, you may know the name of golf designer, Robert Trent Jones Jr..

He was the famous golf course designer in the world who designed more than 20 Japanese golf courses, such as Golden Valley Golf Club (Hyogo Prefecture), Katsura Golf Club (Hokkaido), and Regus Crest Golf Club (Hiroshima).

We introduce the Suvarnabhumi Golf & Country Club which inherit a strategic American style, and it is the course you can expect good score this time.

No.4 /381 yard(blue) /Par 4 You can swing the club comfortably.

You may feel you can make a good score from No.1 to 4 since these holes have wide fairways and give you relax.

Wide fairways, but should be careful for deep rough.

No. 6/155 yards(blue)/Par 3 It looks like the fairway, but actually it is a pond.

The ponds involve from the No.5 to No. 11, but you would be safe as hitting to the right side of the hole.

No. 8/439 yards(Blue)/Par 4 It’s uphill middle hole with over 400 yards.

Although there is a long and super-difficult hole with handicap 2, such as No. 8, you may be able to make good score as trying to have a bogey.
There is a hole similar to the Miho Golf Club in Ibaraki, Japan.

No. 10/318 yards(blue)/Par 4 Nice shot for the club champion! Can you see the ball?

Selecting partner is important for making good score.
When you play with a good golfer, the playing rhythm is consistent and you would concentrate on your game and get the advice.

No. 10/318 yards(blue)/Par 4 The half of the hole seems like the pond if you see the green from the teeing ground.

Although it seems tough hole if you just look at the picture, it is the option to hit the fairway since it’s the yardage is short.

No. 11/497 yards(blue)/Par 5 This bunker would be the trap for the second shot for log hitter and for the third shot for average golfer.

You should never find this bunker at short yardage 11th hole.

No. 11/497 yards(blue)/Par 5 You hardly can’t get on the green if you hit from this bunker.

It is very tough to get on the green from bunker with a distance for even skilled golfer.

No. 13/317 yards(blue)/Par 4 Even though there is a pond on the right side of the hole, you would not feel pressure as leaves cover the pond.

The ponds involve from the No.12 to No. 15 on the right side of the holes, but you would be safe as hitting to the left side.

No. 15/377 yards(blue)/Par 4 As you hit to the right, you get closer to the green and have an opportunity to make good score. On the other hand, you may have a risk.

While the last 3 holes are tough with long yardage, you can dare to hit as the fairways are wide.

No. 17/183 yards(blue)/Par 3 There is a pond as well.

There is a pond on the left and bunker in front of the green on the 17th hole, so if you miss the shot, the right side is better.
There is a similar short hole in Katsura.

No. 18/416 yards(blue)/Par 4 Less undulation as the Robert’s green.

Do you have a good image to make good score?
Typically, the courses he designed offer the expensive green fees and are famous and are those we feel hesitate to play in Japan, but you can play this course for 1,799 baht on weekdays.

I think that it is rare for choosing a course by a designer, but you can understand the designer characteristics. Since making good score would be possible if you realize the strategy, the choosing course by designer is another way to enjoy golf.

For those who want to play at the course designed by Robert, please make a reservation at GDO Thailand.

Suvarnabhumi Golf & Country Club

42 Moo 8 Suwinthawong Road, Lam Toi Ting, Nong Chok

Tel: +66-61-453-3598


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