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While there are lots of choices for golf overseas, Thailand is the country that golf lovers become addicted to. The appeals are countless, but my primal reason addicting to this country is “the variety of courses.”

Let’s play with a well-thumbed cart!

If you pay, you can play at the world class golf courses, but real cost-effective courses are actually very few in the world. On that point, you would experience to play highly satisfactory golf with reasonable price in Thailand.

So, I visited the Pine Golf & Lodge which is about 80 minutes by car from Bangkok. While It takes a time, the course is useful for golf camp with stay since there are lodges.

14 holes involve ponds, but the course is not so tough and you would play comfortable round.

Since there are few blind holes, you can play easy and relax rather than nervous.

The holes are flat and straight.

The course has generally simple layout, so I would not recommend it to female having a high sensitivity. But, the maintenance is perfect, and the more you know the course, the more you may like it.

Five-some is common In Thailand. There are courses even-eight some is available

You can make a real time booking on the​ ​GDO THAILAND​ ​for this course at 800 baht for weekdays. And if you pay 400 baht for caddy and choose the walk, you can enjoy this course with only 1,100 baht (3,850 yen).

※ 1 baht = approximately 3.5 yen

※ As of March 2018


It’s about 80 minutes by car from Bangkok city

39 Moo 8 Sangkasantsuk Rd., Katumrai, Nongchok Bangkok 10530

Tel: +66 89 797 8116

Website: www.thepinegolf.com

Email: info@thepinegolf.com


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