Proama Exchange Event Report – Connect the World! Golf is a bridge of friendship between Thailand and Japan ~

I recognized the effect of the golf shrinking distance between people, but in a foreign country golf course in Thailand, there is no common language, how do professional and amateurs meeting for the first time enjoy the exchange event – -. The anxiety that he held at the beginning ended in disappointment immediately after the start, and it was a result that showed golf ‘s underpowering ability.

Text by Yasuko Mukai

Welcome to one of Asia’s best golf paradise


There are about 270 courses in Thailand, mainly in Bangkok, the capital, all boasting very high quality in facilities and maintenance.


“Lotus Valley Golf Resort” where lotus flowers bloom on one side of the pond as the course name. A beautiful landscape will heal the player’s heart

Popular tourist resort areas such as Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai have numerous championship courses by prominent course designers and supervised name players of former years, and can enjoy the stage of the tournament easily at relatively reasonable prices.

Also, if you can enjoy a mild, stable climate throughout the year, a delicious meal, a massage, and an exciting city life, you can also convince many golfers to push together.


Fresh hormone and bean sprouts are preeminent with beer


A spicy Isaan cuisine known as local cuisine in northeastern Thailand. To “Rapu Nua” which has mint and beef mixed, it is best to eat together with a bunch of parchi in a separate bowl

Recently, in this privileged environment, young professional golfers are growing one after another, and P. Fatlam, A. Jutanugan and others in the LPGA frequently appear frequently in the top battle and are showing active.


Powerful swing of 20 year old Pin Lat room Boon Lun. While challenging the LPGA Q school, I am fighting at the lower Shimetaratoa


Chieko Sato passed the protest in 2014. Eligibility for 2016 is QT ranking 157, targeting the regular tour appearance from the step up tour


The 24-year-old Chaplapa-Silapakop, which uses Asia as the main battlefield, such as Thai LPGA and China LPGA, is a solid person who chose the way to a professional after graduating from university


Mao Nozawa who fulfilled one pass in the protest in 2015. It is a member of the JGA Women’s National Team in 2014 and is expected as a large rookie boasting an average distance of 270 yards

Golf deepens friendship between Japan and Thailand

An unprecedented pro am entering event was held in the past with the theme “Thai golf more attractive, more enjoying Thai golf!” Sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Eight Japanese female professionals, eight girls from Thailand and 48 amateurs from Japan gathered in Bangkok. The first day was a scramble system, the second day was a double peer system, and on the final day the pro games played with a winning prize.


Although it was awkward for the first time to meet, as soon as it started, professional high touch on amateur who decided long pad in the first hall! A super shot also jumped out with the power of teamwork, and cheers roared around the course.

It was an effort that Japan golfers hoped to deepen their understanding of Thai culture and golf by touching Thai girls pros who will not meet usually, but the power of golf connecting people and people Beyond the borders, it was a wonderful result that created an exchange of mind.


Natta Gate Nimi Ponkun who won the championship wonderfully and earned 150,000 yen prize money. A smile is cute!

Japan-Thai ProAM Golf Competition 2016

Date and time: February 12 (Fri) – 14 (Sun) in 2016
Organized by:Tourism Authority of Thailand
Operation: ASEAN Domestic Co., Ltd.
Cooperation:Arc Tour、Niblinx Co., Ltd.
Sponsorship: ITA, Speed ​​3 x, ZERO hole



Lotus Valley Golf Resort

Approximately 50 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Opened in 1998 by the design of Gary Player. It was remodeled by John Morrow and Craig Bertram four years ago and was reborn into a more attractive course. You can enjoy resort golf every corner, including spacious open-air clubhouse and reputable restaurant.


Uniland Golf & Resort

About 1 hour 30 minutes from Bangkok city. Opened in 1996, the hotel and 9 holes were newly completed in 2005, totaling 27 holes course. You can enjoy a strategic layout with fast green and well-maintained course conditions.


Tana City Golf & Sports Club

About 40 minutes from Bangkok city. Individual courses that combine landscape beauty and strategy are well-conditioned, popular among Japanese golfers, while Pete Die design skillfully utilizes the pond.


Amara Hotels and Resorts

A five star hotel with 250 rooms located in Silom. It is close to entertainment and shopping area, and can enjoy local popular local restaurant of high reputation. A convenient location, close to the motorway, excellent access to sightseeing spots and airports.




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