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【Thailand’s latest golf information you should know – Part 2 -】Golf destination in Bangkok & Ko Samui.​ ​

Let us proposing a way to enjoy the golf & luxurious resort hotel on Ko Samui while enjoying Bangkok with internationally flavor and staying hotel. Enjoy a little rich vacation as you got to Ko Samui where draws the attention of celebrities around the world.

Text by Hiroko Kasai


The Siam Kempinski Hotel with concept of “resort hotel in the city” is our recommendation in Bangkok. It’s the the German luxurious hotel chain we don’t have in Japan and there is a pool like a lagoon in the full green courtyard, and you can feel chic and calm atmosphere. It also directly connected to Siam Paragon, the most popular shopping mall in Bangkok.


Guest room where the pool in the courtyard is in front of you. It is suitable for adult city resort, and elegant and simple as well. It is also Ideal for having a relaxing time.

Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok


After having fun in Bangkok, it is time to go to Ko Samui! The once said to be the “holy land of backpackers” is now transforming into an island where tourists around the world repeatedly visit. There are not only the global standard hotels, but also secret hideaway hotels on the theme of wellness resorts which are unique. It is an hour flight from Bangkok to Ko Samui and its the island captivates the wealthy class of the world.4

The Four Seasons Resort Ko Samui is the hotel which you want to stay absolutely as you go to Ko Samui. It is on the edge of the northwestern part of the island, and you can see a lot of palm trees and flowers on a large site of 17 hectare. There are 60 independent villas, and as all rooms have privacy, you can have a relaxing stay.5

A lounge space where you can relax by just watching the sunset and the color change of the sea. Each space is comfortable and has a interior with turquoise blue and light green. It feels comfortable to touch, the furniture and the fabric are also attractive.6

The treatment room of the “The SPA” at the Four Seasons Hotel is an independent villa. Walk in the nature and go to the treatment room. You can experience the Thai herbal remedies and body massage with organic oil. Daily fatigue slowly dissolves with the high detox effect.

Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui


Now, it’s time for golf! Speaking of golf course in Ko Samui, it’s the Santiburi Samui Country Club. It opened in 2003 and is the first golf course in Ko Samui with a height difference utilizing the hillside of the North Coast, and you can enjoy a spectacular ocean view while receiving fresh sea breeze.8

As we have told in the Part 1, we recommend golf beginners should play the game in Thailand. It is comfortable since you can have your own caddy. The course management also would be interesting for female golfers who do not hit long since they can take advantage of downhills while the better players would struggle to hit fairways from the tees with height difference of the course.9

It is unusual for the course in Thailand that there is the signboard of the dress code! Even at resort course in Thailand, it is not good to play golf with tank tops, jeans, high heels, sandals, and jogging shorts. And, because the sunlight is very strong during the day, the care of UV rays is very important. Caddy will give you an umbrella as a sunshade, so do not forget to give chips after the round!10

The course also has enough rental clubs. Although they are an old model, you can have a full set of Callaway Golf and a putter. Since the price is 1,000 baht (about 3,600 yen) for 18 holes, it is okay not to bring heavy golf set from Japan.


The Royal Samui Golf Club where local golfers usually play is another golf course in Ko Samui. Although it feels gorgeous when you hear the name, actually the clubhouse is simple and the golf club doesn’t have only 9 holes without caddy and par 5s. The reason there are only 9 holes on the course is that they had been short on funds half way through the construction of big golf resort. The quaint clubhouse is very friendly.11

On the other hand, this course is quite unique. There is a big height difference and since the course is narrow and has a slope and cliffs, it is very tough to find the right spot to hit. You can have the real thrill of overseas golf that you can not taste in Japan. Since there is no caddy on this course, it is not ideal for playing the game first time in your life.

The Royal Samui Golf and Country Club

If you use time effectively, the Thai Airways is recommended.

The Thai Airways​ ​has a total of 4 flights departing from Japan in the morning and arriving in Bangkok in the evening (departing from Haneda Airport or Narita airport, except early morning flights). In addition, there are flights from Kansai International Airport, Chubu International Airport, Fukuoka Airport, and Shin-Chitose Airport. Because the time zone in Thailand is 2 hours behind of Japan, you can use time effectively after the arrival in Thailand.

Hiroko Kasai
Joined GDO in 2009 after working for monthly magazines, books, advertising media, and so on. Engaged in content creation and is freelance writer from 2014. As a writer & editor, she is exploring her favorites, such as Okinawa, Croatia, alcohol, and chocolate.

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